Ways You Avoid Living Your Best Life

Who is the real you?

When I started to hangout with individuals who valued personal growth and spirituality, I felt like an impostor. For so long I would describe my personal transformations through a third person view. Taking no ownership of my feelings, beliefs or theories in fear of making a fool of myself. To compromise for my deep-seeded insecurity, I gave my power and energy away to others (a great method if you want to truly avoid yourself). This unsustainable practice of mine came crashing down last year. Having nothing left inside to continue The Sarah Show, featuring a main character who thought her inner work was done, I found myself right back to square one - Dead asleep with an egotistic parasite wrapped around my being, pleased to have won the fight once again. 

Self-depreciating Mindset

When you find yourself miles away from where you thought you’d be, first find compassion for yourself. The ego is a tricky thing to overcome and the harder you work at it the stronger it gets. Second, keep working on yourself. There is nothing worth your time more than investing in yourself. Personal development is more than learning to cope with negative emotions, heal from your past and develop a healthy lifestyle. It’s about peeling back the layers upon layers of self-deception you’ve crafted in order to be accepted, loved, valued or viewed a certain way. 

Avoid Living Your Truth

We all have moments of pretending to be something we are not and using any reason we can to excuse it. Whether it’s by using our past pain, social media, a business/ career, or even an entire lifestyle we are illusionists on a mission to fool everyone around us, including ourselves. The key to personal growth is a deep acceptance of not needing to be anything more than what you already are. From the very moment you were born out of this universe, you were intelligent and you were divine. The godly core of your existence is inherently worthy of happiness, love and success. Now, it’s just about letting go of everything you’ve been doing to forget that you are.

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