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Thought-provoking merchandise with original illustrations designed to help you navigate the darkest corners of your soul. Together we can free ourselves from the occupied mind. 

Free the occupied Mind

wake up your weird - wake up your mind

Ego Death

When you are completely identified with your temporary vessel (the physical body), you spend your life trying to escape your mortality. You can choose to define yourself as a victim of the world, or you can choose to define yourself as an intricate part of the cosmos working to collectively fabricate the conceptual reality we live in. Why worry about death finding you when you can choose to escape right now by shedding the very idea that you are limited to the bones that hold you upright. Accepting impermanence will unveil the evolutionary wonder that you are.

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The Original

OM is a mantra or vibration said to hold high spiritual and creative power. When chanted three times, the first chant connects one to themselves, the second connects one to community and the third connects one to the universe. Not only are Octopied Mind’s initials “O-M”, but our mission is also consistent with the healing vibrations of Om.

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Most of us think of the internal dialogue, the voice in our head, as valid thinking. If you take a moment to really listen to what this voice is saying you will quickly notice it is mostly made up of negative, repetitive and destructive thoughts. In other words, this voice is (mostly) bullshit. If we forget to separate ourselves from these thought patterns, they can dominate our mind. Sometimes you just need to ignore your problems and pretend they aren't real because at the end of the day, you probably made them up to begin with.

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