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Look Good Feel Weird

Through thought-provoking graphics, storytelling and quality production, Octopied Mind (OM) is a tool for supporting the journey in freeing the mind from negative thoughts. Our goal is to foster a community of people who feel like they belong and are deeply connected to one another. When you treat yourself to an OM product, you are not just supporting a female owned, ethical, slow-fashion brand, you are supporting yourself. Whether through heartbreak or humour, every design tells a story we all share. These narratives manifest themselves through mind altering illustrations, offering a deeper insight into the real experiences that inspire our work to collectively free the occupied mind.

Perfect Fit

"The shape of the t-shirt drapes nicely over the body and has a flattering look for both men & women. It's my new favourite shirt & it does great in the wash" - Kristie

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"Literally the softest t-shirt I've ever owned. So impressed with the quality and everyone who sees it loves it" - Chelsea

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"This shirt is everything I hoped it would be and more. Not only is it hella soft & fits amazingly, but wearing this shirt makes me stand proud to be a weird mad woman" - Emily

Cult Classics

Growing Pains

If you can come up with evidence to prove an icky feeling wrong, guess what - it’s just a thought! Thoughts are repetitive and most of the time, negative. Thought loops are the most basic form of the ego's attempts to suck up your precious energy. It takes time to find a rhythm and stick to it when pointing out thought vs. feeling. What doesn't serve you will loosen its grip and reveal access to a pond of nutritious self-love. Although, be warned: You will come across some painful realities about yourself. Maybe you talk too much, judge too harshly or choose laziness over action - Offer compassion & patience within. Very little is "stuck" the way that it is. You can change patterns of behaviours that you've had your entire life! The only real downfall? There's no way to avoid the growing pains.

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Mad Girls Club

“She must be on her period.” If a third-eye uterus and some menstruation talk makes you so uncomfortable, then move the heck on. Mad Girls Club is here to remind you of the power you have to exercise boundaries, own your intelligence and take up space in the world even if it makes others internally implode. It took me years to understand the magic of my own beauty, the strength in my softness and the ability to recognize those who are not deserving. To the men who took my no’s as a yes, my resistance as shyness, my curiosity as a door to entry for manipulation, I AM FUCKING MAD. If you’re reading this, take notes. The moon regulates my menstrual cycle, I am a portal from the spirit world bringing new human beings to planet earth, and I can bleed for 5 straight days and still not die. You should be the one who is afraid of me.

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Bad Vibes Only

In a world of “good vibes only” it’s SO important to look at what makes you feel like garbage. Putting on a smile and waving some sage in the air doesn’t clear the smell of shit from unresolved pain leaking from your insides. To clean yourself out, you’ve got to do the work! There’s nothing wrong with bad vibes, it’s bad vibes without the awareness around them that can be energetically dangerous. We think that good vibes only is a permission slip to avoid yourself. You’re not a burden if you have bad vibes and you’re certainly not a mood killer. We’d much rather hang with someone who has bad vibes & takes full ownership of it than someone who encourages repression and avoidance. Feeling good today? Fucking lit. Feel like shit? That’s okay too. Look good, feel weird and forget about anything else that tells you otherwise.

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