Using Chaos to Improve Your Life

How to play the game of life

When we realize that life is a game, we are able to bring an entirely new playfulness to our day. Becoming aware of the structures that are set up to make us feel unfulfilled, provides us with the opportunity to create a strategy. Instead of showing up with a fuck you mindset, play close attention to the conscious framework that has been designed to test you.

Ask Yourself: What am I Being Taught? 

You can choose to define yourself as a victim of the world, or you can choose to define yourself as an intricate part of the cosmos working to collectively fabricate the conceptual reality we live in. When you stop seeing your life as something that is happening to you, but instead a life that is happening for you, your entire life changes. When we are in pain the first thing we do is find an external source to blame. Whether that be the job we hate, the people who betrayed us or the parents who brought us into this world. Recognizing your own need to blame others is the first step to taking responsibility for your health and happiness.

Am I resisting a repeating lesson?

When chaos knocks at our door, there is something to be learned about ourselves. The longer you resist learning this lesson, the more it will persist. A great example of this would be a cheating relationship. If you find yourself in a relationship where your partner has cheated on you, instead of placing the blame solely on the partner have you asked yourself what role you played in this event? Since we are mere reflections of one another, what is it about you that is being revealed in the actions of your partner? Choosing to ignore the ways in which we create our own demise will only have these lessons reappear in your life in one way or another. Maybe not again this week or this year, but they will always find a way to manifest again. 

Chaos brings opportunity to see our own darkness

We are afraid to look within because the shadows of our own minds are harder to navigate than the darkness that exists in others. This is why it’s easier for us to fill our days with distractions like television, food, social media, work, and hanging out with friends than it is to be alone in silence. We are always trying to get away from ourselves one way or another. We tighten our bellies, strain our eyes, contract muscles in our neck/ back and clench our jaws all in attempt to feel pieced together because anything else is seen as weak and broken. Think about how bad it feels to be around someone who is really tense & filled with pent-up negative energy. The feeling of tightness in our body is the physical representation of the psychological image of ourselves. The peace you make within by releasing this tension is inherently the peace you create in others. Choosing to look inward with compassion gives us the courage to stand in our shadows and accept who we are with insight on how we can improve. 

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