The Meaning Behind Octopied Mind

During meditation I became aware of the fact that not only were Octopied Mind’s initials “O-M”, but our mission is also consistent with the healing vibrations of Om. We want to help you connect to yourself, to the people around you & to the universe at large. I also happened to be staying in a cabin called The Home of OM.

Was this a coincidence? a sign? an Omen? Here's how to tell the difference:

What is OM?

OM (AUM) is a mantra or vibration said to hold high spiritual and creative power. Chanting Om is said to bring into your awareness of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit as well as self, community and the universe.

OM is also the initials for Octopied Mind.

What is the meaning behind the OM chant?

When chanted three times, the first chant connects one to themselves, the second connects one to community and the third connects one to the universe. Om when pronounced correctly sounds like AUM (a-oo-mm). The Ahh sound represents the creation of the universe, the oo represents the energy of the universe and the mm represents the deep connectedness to all that exists.

What do signs from the universe/ higher-self look or feel like?

Signs are messages delivered from your higher self when you ask for or are in need of guidance.

What do omens look or feel like?

Omens, on the other hand, come without request and catch you completely by surprise. They can be good or bad and feel quite weird when they’re happening! An omen indicates that a prophetic, important event is about to occur or is occurring. The coolest thing about omens? They are most commonly found in nature. So put down your phones, leave your job for the day & get out into mama nache who’s waiting to fuck up your shit in the best possible way.


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