Communicating with Your Higher Self

Feeling Stuck?

If you’re a human being living on planet earth then you’ve likely felt any or all of the following:

Weighed down by your job

Drowning in significant debt

Feeling that you’re not good enough

Feeling that your goals are unattainable/unrealistic

Not knowing your life’s purpose

The good news is, these are just ego driven thoughts of a temporary situation and they can all be changed! In under 6 months, thoughts of “what the fuck am I doing” “what is my purpose” “I have no money to achieve any of my desires” have completely disappeared from my mind. Here is the first thing you can practice doing to achieve the same:

Learn how to communicate with your higher self

When you feel confident and happy in a decision, regardless of its rationality, this is your higher-self attempting to communicate with you. Your higher-self is the highest aspect of your being that knows, sees, and understands your quest for existential purpose. These moments of clarity are when we are fully aligned with our higher selves. Whatever it has to say, rational or not, do not be afraid to listen!

Recognize the Signs

When I was working as a professional fundraiser I received a contest-oriented email that presented employees with the opportunity to go to Cuba. While reading it I knew immediately that I was meant to go. Not for the sand, sunshine or warm ocean water, but I had an overwhelming sense that something or someone in Cuba would change my life. I really had no desire to go to Cuba before this moment so the desire was completely irrational. Without any hesitation, I started filling out the application and when I hit send, my entire body was covered in goosebumps.

Listen to Your Body

When we get body chills while thinking about doing something, this is actually a sign that we should do it. Our higher-selves communicate directions via body chills, deep calmness in the tummy, dreams, repetition, and even illness! When we're faced with existential questions of our life's purpose, you have the choice to explore the answers or continue to ignore them. Having full access to this wealth of spiritual knowledge at free will would cause our enthusiasm for life to evaporate. However, ignoring these fundamental questions or “call to action” would do the same just as quickly.

Create Balance

Like Yin and Yang, balance is key. Face the negative thoughts that try to bring you down but hold the awareness that your thoughts do not define you. Awareness alone will begin the process of dissolving the very things that keep you from living the life you love. The next time you get chills when completing a task or thinking of starting something new, rest assured you’re definitely on the right path.

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