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We prioritize hiring women, BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ+ people
Jill davis

Jill Davis (she/her) is a mechanical engineer by trade but certainly an artist at heart. In 2018 Jill vacationed in Nicaragua where she met a group of young entrepreneurs. From tacos and pool parties to karaoke at a the local brewery - Every business that hosted their activities that week was owned by someone in the group.

Inspired by young people living free by their own means, Jill headed back home with a new drive to do something different with her life. What started as an ongoing battle with her critical ego who disliked anything that came out of the end of her pencil became a transformative experience of self-acceptance and profound love for drawing strange and wonderful creatures.

While Jill is no longer wrapped in five different extension cords to power her inventive setup of heat guns and wet ink at home, she is the lead artist and the rest of us would have nothing to do without her.

Sarah Vezina

Sarah Vezina (she/her) is an indigenous queer woman with a natural drive for entrepreneurship. Launching her first of four businesses at just 9 years old (hair accessories) she now runs a consulting business and clothing brand full-time.

Inventing new roles and responsibilities for any job she had, sticking to the boundaries of what she was hired for never lasted very long. Sarah was far more interested in identifying and implementing ways for her team to be happier and more impactful with their work.

After moving through the recurring cycle of either being bored or burnt out, in 2019 Sarah realized that the only way she would feel truly fulfilled is by being her own boss and following her calling of fostering the growth of a community built on vulnerability, communication and art.

kaytlyn nadjiwon
Customer Support

Kaytlyn (she/her) is a queer ojibwe writer & beadworker. She's been a writer her whole life & started beading in 2019. Kaytlyn joined Octopied Mind in 2021 when our ambassador program took off. She has since onboarded more than 100 new brand ambassadors and has been working hard at expanding the program to be an inspirational and rewarding space for all.

We are so stoked that Kaytlyn has accepted her newest role here at OM as our lead customer support associate! Now when you reach out to us via live chat or email, you've got this deeply compassionate and thoughtful angel on the other side.

Erin Lockhart

Erin Lockhart (she/her) is a master's student/customer turned Executive Management Consultant for OM. She is originally from BC, but has been living in Calgary, Alberta the last four years. She joined the OM Cult in 2022 after purchasing a Pussy Power t-shirt and stumbling upon this role in the process. Now, she helps to bring operational efficiency, sustainability and alignment between OM's goals and

Cult Values: authenticity, vulnerability, and of course, radical transparency.Erin is not only passionate about entrepreneurship and business but also cycling, dogs, anything outdoors, and advocacy. On the weekends, you will often find her canoeing and camping with her partner, hiking a mountain with her two pups, or cycling around Calgary. The pandemic compelled her to quit her corporate finance job to live more mindfully and with intention. Consequently, she ended up at Octopied Mind - and it all began with a Pussy Power t-shirt.

Jen Bernard

Inspired by humans and their behaviours, Jen has always been drawn to portrait photography. Many years as a social worker has shaped the way she sees the world and interacts with people. She applies these well developed interpersonal skills to create portraits full of emotion and personality.

Using different lighting techniques, Jen creates edgy and engaging portraits that catch people's attention and will elevate your brand. From creative fashion to professional business, Jen can work with you to create a unique portrait.

mylène desbiens

Mylène Desbiens (she/her) asked for her first camera on her 10th birthday. After receiving a DSLR when she turned 16, Mylène has been passionately following her families footsteps in photography ever since.

A photographer who increases your own self-love is someone who is truly the master of their art. Every time we're together we dive deep into what feels like a vortex of capturing dozens of photos, emerging into a state of pure bliss on the other side. 

Her minimalist style of photography perfectly captures the essence of our brand and grounds us in our values. Getting "lost" in the woods, on the water or even in our own home with Mylène reminds us of how good it feels to let go and be present.