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Freelance Artist Wanted

Hello Creatives,

Octopied Mind, a distinctive apparel brand inspired by open conversation, empowerment, and self-expression, seeks skilled freelance artists to contribute to our creative team. We're excited to integrate fresh perspectives into our collections as we continue to grow and evolve.

Your Role: We're searching for an artist who can infuse our brand with their unique flair, creating new collections and enhancing our existing ones. This project-based role will offer opportunities to design various apparel pieces.

To Apply: We have two application paths available, catering to different levels of commitment:

Option 1: Ready, set, draw!

Send us your resume, portfolio, and a vector re-interpretation of one of our existing designs. Choosing one from the list below, add your own twist and show us your unique style. If you're hired from this pool, you'll receive a $1,000 signing bonus for your work. This bonus is our way of acknowledging the immediate value you've added, giving us artwork that we can use right away.

  1. Don't Touch Me Unless I Say So
  2. Anxiety Express
  3. My Demons Won Today
  4. Burnt Out
  5. Poison the Patriarchy

Design Requirements:

  • Submit one large back illustration and one breast illustration. These two logos should be complementary to one another but not identical. (PDF format).
  • Draw using a vector program with a DPI of at least 400. No pixel-based artwork.
  • Use up to 5 colours in total.
  • Ensure your design can be screen printed, avoiding fine lines with a stroke of less than 2.0 pt.
  • Match your canvas colour to the garment on which you plan to print the design.

Option 2: Slow & Steady.

Not into making a design just yet? No problem. Send us your resume and portfolio. If your portfolio catches our eye and you make it to the next round, we'll pay you $500 CAD for a sample piece at that stage. This payment is lower than Option 1's bonus as this process is longer and allows us more time to assess fit before producing Octopied Mind-themed artwork.

Compensation: In either case, this one-time payment is separate from compensation for future projects. After hiring, we’ll discuss your rates and compensation preferences during your interview or subsequent conversation. It's important that you come prepared with an understanding of your own pricing structure and copyright preferences for this discussion.

How to Submit: Please send your application materials to jobs@octopiedmind.com. The deadline is June 1st, 2023.

Disclaimer: Please note that the artwork created for this application process is intended solely to apply to Octopied Mind Inc. Given the nature of the task, which involves reinterpreting our existing original designs, this artwork should not be used elsewhere. The original artwork's concept and intellectual property rights belong to Octopied Mind. By submitting your application, you agree to respect these terms.

Join the Team

By contributing your unique artistic skills to Octopied Mind Inc, you're helping us to further our mission of promoting open conversation and empowerment through fashion. We value the creativity and effort put into each design and look forward to seeing your work! 

Sarah & Jill, Founders