meet jill and sarah

founders of om

female owned & operated
two best friends
in business

Jill Davis (right) and Sarah Vezina (left) are two best friends from small town Dalhousie, New Brunswick. They grew up in the same neighbourhood, took the same bus, had the same babysitter and even rode on the same bike (because Sarah couldn't afford her own). Their inseparability and toxic dependency lasted through adulthood where they quit their corporate jobs to work with each other instead. Given that no one can tell them apart, it's clear that Octopied Mind has been founded on the melting and merging of their brain power, creativity and essence - All of which are used to produce the strange and vulnerable graphic art you see today.

why we started
octopied mind

We launched Octopied Mind in 2018 with a dream of helping people live happier, more fulfilling lives by freeing the mind that is occupied by negative beliefs about oneself. Our vision to create a community built on acceptance and radical self-responsibility has been made possible through combining original art with meaningful conversation.

hand drawn
with meaning

Our hand drawn designs take a lighthearted yet powerful approach to having discussions around mental health and the daily struggles of the average soul. We incorporate mindfulness, spirituality, and rebellion against the status quo to communicate the importance of embracing all that we are, both light & shadow.

more than just a
clothing brand

Octopied Mind is more than just a clothing brand. From personal development workshops to fundraisers to collaborations with local experts on yoga, meditation, tarot, psychedelics, trauma coaching and more - we have attracted thousands of like-minded people near and far who enthusiastically want to better themselves.