Free the Occupied Mind
Free the Occupied Mind

Free the Occupied Mind

Octopied Mind is about freeing yourself from yourself. This could look like letting go of the past, deconstructing the negative circumstances you might find yourself in today or dissolving the fears and insecurities you carry through your life. To free yourself from all this madness, Octopied Mind encourages you to face your demons head on. Own your dark and twisted feelings. Unravel your past and find forgiveness for yourself (& others). You don't need to dive into the deep end of your mind if you aren't ready, but you can certainly dip your toes in. Chances are if you follow Octopied Mind, you're ready and looking for a sign - This is it! You can do it.

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Unisex Shirts & Sweaters

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Small 34-37"
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 Standard Hemmed
Regular unisex shirt length. We recommend this style for men or for women who want a longer styled shirt. Our semi-cropped shirt length. We consider this to be the perfect women's cut.