Dead Weight Long Sleeve.
Dead Weight Long Sleeve.
Dead Weight Long Sleeve.
Dead Weight Long Sleeve.
Dead Weight Long Sleeve.
Dead Weight Long Sleeve.

Dead Weight Long Sleeve

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  • Model is wearing a size medium in the length "standard" (tucked in).
  • 100% ultra soft cotton.
  • Water-based ink.
  • Machine wash cold. No bleach or stain remover.

We forget that we are made of stars. That every one of us & all that exists in our reality was quite literally born out of the universe. Through rock, fire, water & wind, somehow we ended up here, together. With conscious minds & powerful bodies growing & expanding like the darkness we spin through, we are more than meets the eye.

More than our 9 to 5

More than our bank balance

More than a bad day

More than our weight

More than [… the list goes on & on]

Our higher-self is our eternal, omnipotent, conscious, intelligent self. Because the Ego is so damn loud, hearing your higher-self can be challenging. However, if you could tune in right now I bet they’d be saying something along the lines of “WHY THE FUCK are we still carrying all this shit around?”

We have a choice. In any given moment we can choose to live in alignment with our highest selves or we can choose not to - Each path presents its own unique challenges.

It’s not easy to live in alignment. It requires radical self-responsibility, honesty, authenticity, boundary setting & respecting, intuitive decision making (food, exercise, sex, creativity etc.) & regularly checking in with ourselves.

When we are out of alignment, we quickly lose sight of our existential purpose & meaning. From here, resistance in all facets of our lives is born & our higher-self is the one who suffers the most. The darkness we sink into begins to drain our energy, repels opportunities for abundance, synchronicity, connection, magic & even luck. The more deadweight we carry, the less strength we have to nurture ourselves, our community, relationships, career & beyond.

None of us can truly live a life completely in alignment at all given times - that shit is hard. However, the more aligned you become, the stronger your higher-self grows and their ability to carry you forward with ease, excitement & a calling to live life as epically as you can will only make the ride that much more enjoyable.

But remember, whichever way you choose - nobody rides free.

Our 100% ring-spun cotton gender inclusive shirts are coloured using a unique dying process. This allows for softer shades and finishes giving each shirt unique character. These ultra soft originals naturally have a lived-in look. Made ethically.

Machine wash cold. No bleach or stain remover. Do not spot treat with detergent or stain removers. Lay flat to dry. Iron or steam inside out. Do not dry clean.

For stain treatment, only use a small amount of blue dawn dish soap and rub gently with your finger. Let it soak in the material for an hour and then wash as instructed.

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