Bad Seed Black T-Shirt
Bad Seed Black T-Shirt
Bad Seed Black T-Shirt
Bad Seed Black T-Shirt

Bad Seed Black T-Shirt

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Model wearing size small. Photo's are mock-up only. Final product will vary slightly.

Breast logo is small design, back logo is larger skeleton design.

I know that I can be a little out there. A little more open about my relationships, sexuality and lifestyle than some people prefer I be.

A few years ago I would be completely torn apart by someones judgment of my behaviour. I would have considered removing a photo that made someone uncomfortable. I would have adjusted my language or tone of voice when asked. I would have put on a bra to go anywhere in public, especially if it involved relatives.

Now, I couldn’t care less how upset my body and my choices make someone else feel. Whether I’m considered “good” and “proper” by someone truly doesn’t impact my value as a human being. Not even a little.

If you’re still caught up worrying about what other people think of you, you’ll watch your whole life pass you by. 

If you want to post a picture of your peaches on Facebook, go for it babe. If you still hide your weed when G-ma visits, it’s legal sweetheart. If you don’t want to wear a bra to family dinner, let those nips be free. The point is, whoever is judging you is 1) always a pinch envious of your freedom and 2) a lot f*cking weirder than you are.

Embrace your desires and express your damn self no matter how it makes other people feel. Let them call you nasty or misbehaved. Dance with the devil and eat the forbidden fruit. Find solace in the fact that deep down, we are all bad seeds.

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