Retrogrades (of any planet) challenge us to move inward and unpack some seriously dark boxes. You know, the ones we've stacked in the corner hoping they would just continue collecting dust? Not quite. When a retrograde is happening, it's hard for anything to stay upright and composed.

As spiritual beings born out of the universe it is no wonder we are impacted by apparent shifts in movement by the planets we live among. If we looked at ourselves and the situations we are in with the same lens day in and day out, growth wouldn't be possible.

Getting a fresh perspective and shaking up our unknowingly repressed emotions is key for growth. Retrogrades are a time for taking an honest look at how you've been caring for yourself, how you've been show up in your relationships and in your career.

Unpacking boxes you've piled in dark corners takes work, but if you lean into the dramatic pull of planetary retrogrades calling you to do so, the process is a rewarding one. Embrace the dizziness that comes with internal shifts - with every moment you are becoming more aligned with your souls purpose.