Acknowledging our pain (no matter how big or small) is hard to do, even impossible for some. Our egos don’t like us to admit that we are damaged and hurting inside - Instead, we judge others, gossip, and distract ourselves with screen-time and wine. We will do absolutely anything to take the focus away from our own demons and direct the inner-dialogue of self-hate towards someone or something else.

Owning who you are and what makes you feel good is a journey on its own. People will find any reason to judge you, talk about you and make assumptions about who you are and how you live based solely off of the fact that your light reminds them of their own shadows.

So here’s to setting our boundaries, speaking our truth and living outside of the box people try to keep us in. Whoever steps in your way, be sure to remind them that your body is NOT THEIRS AND NEVER WAS.