Let’s talk about sex, ya freaks!

Sex can be a doorway for reaching a higher state of consciousness, similar to experiences with psychedelics or meditation. While studying Tantric sex can certainly ignite the euphoric bliss that carries you from this realm to the next, if you don’t have the time to hit the books know that all you really need is presence and your breath.

Presence means taking your time. Whether you’re alone or with a partner(s) the ego wants to control everything. It has an agenda (even subconsciously) to reach the end goal and look good while doing it. If something doesn’t go quite as planned, we may even feel ashamed, discouraged, annoyed and so on.

This is because our ego makes us hyper aware of our bodies, our noises, our thoughts and time. It keeps us trapped in an agenda-driven mode, replicating the things we’ve done time and time again. The ego wants us to stick to the safest route and just do what *hopefully* works (for ourselves + others). The ego also eliminates deeper forms of communication, softness and stillness. It scares us away from trying new things and asking for what we need.

However, in deep, meditative sex two things disappear - ego & time. When we take the time to feel our partners presence, to absorb it and breathe in their essence (& allow our bodies to do the same in return), we lose all awareness of time. It is in this sacred energetic space do we feel the flowing of light from one body into the other, and back again. This transcendent flow-state is how we move into eternity.

That’s truly all we’re looking for when we’re craving sex (beyond biological drives). We’re craving an expansive experience that will lead us into a higher state of being. Whether or not your sex organs are used, intimate settings are that much more magical when we are treating each moment as such.

So explore some breath work, a new form of communication, buy that toy you’ve been eyeing or explore the fantasy you’ve been keeping locked inside - whatever it is know that it’s 100% okay to GET FREAKY.

Freak in the sheets is our Halloween design. We love the well established pun & wanted to take this as an opportunity to play with imagery. This sweet little ghost with cut out boobs & a skull mask is here to lead all of you little freaks into a transcendent sexual world free of judgement and repression.