In a world of “good vibes only” it’s SO important to actually look at what makes you feel like garbage. Putting on a smile and waving some sage in the air doesn’t clear the smell of shit from unresolved pain leaking from your insides. To clean yourself out, you’ve got to do the work!

That work also includes staying clear from places or people who aren’t willing to look within. There’s nothing wrong with bad vibes, it’s bad vibes without the awareness around them that can be energetically dangerous.

We think that good vibes only is a permission slip to avoid yourself. You’re not a burden if you have bad vibes and you’re certainly not a mood killer. You’re human! We’d much rather hang with someone who has bad vibes & takes full ownership of it than someone who encourages repression and avoidance.

Point is, be as you are. Feeling good today? Fucking lit. Feel like shit? That’s okay too. Look good, feel weird and forget about anything else that tells you otherwise.