Rebecca Reichmann - Wood Burning


About the Artist

I'm a 23 year old Social Work graduate and my hope is to bring art into therapy.

My artistic skills really started when I was a kid. My family moved around a lot so I'd always be drawing on the moving boxes. I had a revelation when Mr. Dress Up taught me how to draw the ground. A line drawn on the bottom of a piece of paper changed my life. From there I always loved drawing, painting, and crafts.

I found my love for wood-burning through a friend who did it in my program. She believed that with my artistic abilities, I'd excel at it too.

Art has always been my pathway through mental illness into mental wellness.

Get in Contact for Custom Work

For Custom Wood Work Enquiries & Purchasing Pre-Made Wood-Burned Goods (like Portraits, Christmas Ornaments, Home Decor and more), get ahold of becky through her art page here!

Why Ocotopied Mind + Rebecca?

Rebecca was one of our very first cult members. She stood out to us because she took many opportunities to genuinely engage with us and share her own journey through anxiety and personal development. One day, we came across her wood-burning projects and fell in love. Specifically with this one:

wood burned image

We just LOVE that creepy vibe. After seeing her different forms of wood-burning, we knew we had to come up with a way to showcase her work and let other people know about this amazing artist. 

Our recent collaboration with another artist (Alyse Parker - Lifestyle Content) was truly amazing & created a positive impact on our business. This has inspired us to find ways to support upcoming artists and makers.

When a demand for keychains arose from our audience, Becky came to mind. Instead of getting something mass produced by a bigger company, we thought why not take the opportunity to support small? And so we did.

What We Made Together

Introducing an extra special product made by hand from beginning till end. This product took the efforts of 3 different artists who worked together to bring this beautiful hand crafted keychain to life! First, my grandfather, then Rebecca, then these weird gals over here at OM.

These sliced wood rounds were harvested, dried & sanded by my grandpa! He’s been a woodworker for years, making anything from rocking horses to guitars. And while he may have had to jump on his 4 wheeler and journey out into the wilderness to find the perfect tree branch for the job, it was definitely worth it. The wood is smoothed over, has a nice weight to it & feels sturdy in your hand.

These rounds were then passed along to a fellow loyal cult member who’s wood burning art we’ve been drooling over for months @becksyartistry. Taking her time with each round to burn classic cult images, laying a protective coating to guarantee durability and longevity, and finally putting them together with faux forest green suede & a black matte ring truly communicates the story of a maker.

How to Get One

More detailed photos to come when they arrive here in Ottawa. Description wise, there is a hole drilled through the top of the wood, a forest green faux suede string is knotted through and attached to a black matte keyring. We went with natural tones from the wild to pair perfectly with your weird inner nature.

We only made 10 of these, so head out to one of our upcoming markets & grab your key to freeing the occupied mind. If you can't make it to a market, whatever is left over (if any) will be available online after Dec 9th!


Wood burned Octopied Mind Keychain