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At Octopied Mind we want you to feel confident in what you wear and how it's made. As we grow into the brand we aspire to be, we ask for your patience and feedback along this journey. If you identify ways in which we can improve, please let us know!

Sourcing Custom Factory
Made Products

We are stoked to feature a few of our very first custom made garments! These garments are made in a factory specially for us. They have a branded inside tag, feature hemmed and standard length options and are incredibly soft and flattering.

We hope that year 2022 will bring us the resources required to completely transition away from ready-made blanks. We appreciate your patience as we make our way towards these new products where quality control is superior.

sourcing blank

We do not make all of our products from scratch, yet! The majority of our products are sourced from a variety of suppliers around the world.

At this time most of our products arrive to us completely blank and then they are screen-printed with our original, hand-drawn art in our partner studio.

We are dedicated to using only the highest quality blank products available. Given that we use multiple suppliers, slight sizing and fit differences are to be expected during this time. This is why we have included detailed size charts on every product page to ensure you get a product that fits great.

How we choose

No matter what product we source or from where, we always prioritize working with the best suppliers who produce ultra-soft clothing and accessories. 

Most of our products are made from 100% cotton which keeps micro-plastics out of the ocean. When we do use a poly-blend shirt they are made with organic cotton and contain approximately 4 recycled RPET bottles per shirt.

staying out of

Because humans are behind our to A to Z operations, errors are bound to happen!

This is why we launched our Graveyard Collection - Our version of a sale rack where defected products are sold at a reduced cost. The more noticeable the defect, the more money you save.

From print clarity or mishaps, design malfunctions, fabric quality or threading, accidental cropping, stains / ink speckles and more, no product goes unloved.

turning our waste
into fashion

When you choose a raw-edge crop option on eligible products, we are left with 5-10 inches of scrap material. 

We've been collecting this material since we started offering this customization in 2019. To date, we have sold more than 5,000 cropped shirts (Dec. 2021) - That's a lot of "waste"!

Instead of tossing perfectly good material into the trash, we have been working with local makers (including our moms!) to transform our scraps into new Octopied Mind products.

From scrunchies and face masks to plant hangers and cosmetic bags, up-cycling our scrap material has helped us keep more than 400 pounds of waste out of landfills.

shipping orders completely
carbon neutral

We offset the shipments of all of our deliveries by using "Offset"- A leading app that uses industry models to determine the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere for each of our shipments.

We use our profits to cover the costs per shipment to offset its emissions. Our money is then used to purchase carbon credits which are used to fund deforestation protection projects through Pachama.

When a tracking number is registered to your order, Offset can accurately calculate the emissions used. For each shipment that is delivered, Offset uses the following data: Weight, distance, and type of transportation.

Because Offset’s goal is to make sure that your CO2 shipping emissions are offset entirely, all values that are used in the data models are rounded up. If any data is inconsistent or missing, then Offset uses a reasonable maximum value instead.

Staying away from
plastic waste

We are proud to say that our packing materials are nearly plastic free!

We use certified home compostable poly-mailers that compost in 180 days, heat-transfer shipping labels and our clothing tags are made of paper.

The plastics we do use are minimal and include tape, bubble wrap and the small plastic clasp found on our clothing tags. We are hoping that by the end 2022 we will be completely plastic free.

understanding our

We believe our cult members have a right to know how much their OM products cost to make. We reveal the true costs behind all of our products—from sourcing blank products to labor to transportation—here's our breakdown.

Our modest markups are calculated using a simple formula: (Retail Price - Product Cost) / Retail Price. Most of our markups fall between 50% - 60% profit margins.

On average, traditional retailers mark their products up 5–6x. Us? Just 2–3x.

Cost Breakdown

$4-$11 CAD per shirt.

Our employees are paid between $18 - $22 CAD / hour.

$10 - $50 CAD per blank garment.

$1.40 CAD per product from supplier > studio > warehouse > you (if you qualify for free shipping).

$1-$2 CAD per order.

30 - 50 hours per illustration.