Our Photographer

Introducing our deeply treasured, powerful, magical, badass photographer Mylène Desbiens.
A photographer who increases your own self-love is someone who is truly the master of their art. As someone who struggles with body image and confidence,  Mylène effortlessly and lovingly captured me in ways I desperately needed to see myself in. To say we are thrilled & grateful to have found her is an understatement.
The Karmic Collection - Photoshoot
While shooting the Karmic Collection, the natural lighting of the sun peeking through the trees was incredible and the wind & temperature were on our side. We dove so deep into what felt like a vortex of capturing dozens of photos, emerging into a state of pure bliss on the other side. 

Getting "lost" in the woods with  Mylène reminded me of how good it feels to let go of daily stress, fears and anxieties and simply be in the moment. Spending time with my feet on the forest floor and sitting in the warm sand made me forget we were "working" at all.

Mylène Desbiens

I'm Mylène! I am a teacher by day and a photographer by night!
The love of photography runs in my family. I clearly remember all of my aunts holding onto their precious Leica, Nikon and Canon cameras as I was growing up. They were always ready to capture any and every moment, no matter how dull or overwhelming they were. It is no wonder that for my 10th birthday I asked for my first camera, at the age of 16 I got my first DSLR and now at the age of 26 I am now shooting analog and digital on a daily basis.
​I would describe my style of photography as minimalist. I love having simply one element of focus in the frame to truly capture the moment and the emotions transmitted by the subject.