Our Story

Jill Davis: Co-Owner of Octopied Mind

I left Nicaragua knowing that I wanted to return home and do something creative. The group of individuals we met during our trip welcomed us into their circle like we were longtime friends. We attended their pool parties, pizza/taco nights, morning yoga, karaoke at the local craft brewery - all of which were businesses owned and operated by the individuals in the group. It was a very short but inspiring time in my life (and it’s also when I read my first book on mindfulness).

When I returned home my original plan was to start making my own clothing - which completely blew up in my face when I realized how god damn expensive fabric was. So one day I sat down at my desk and I drew my first logo. At this point in time, I was binge-watching the Deep Blue and thought octopus' were the bomb dot com. I had also been reading an Osho book on Chakras so I thought it would be funny to stick a third eye on the octopus and call it Octopied Mind (which a lot of people, including the mailman, still happen to think our brand is called occupied mind - oh well).

I was extremely critical of myself when I tried to draw this logo. I think I may have used the eraser more than the pencil and the entire time I was wondering why I was even trying to draw. I was illuded into thinking that if I couldn’t effortlessly draw something beautiful with the first stroke of my pencil then I shouldn’t be trying to create “art”. And to be honest not much has changed. 

I use a software now that’s much more forgiving when I need to erase my “mistakes” but my logos can still take me weeks to fully complete. The only thing that has changed is the way I view my creativity.  I no longer judge my work or compare myself to other artists. I’m aware now that these thoughts are just an egoic response to fear and my free-floating anxiety. The unconscious mind finds comfort in labels and I’ve decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to be a victim of myself anymore. True creativity is only possible when you’re free of the ego - and this is my mantra now.

Sarah Vezina: Co-Owner of Octopied Mind

Mindfulness & psychedelics came into my life hand-in-hand. Using the mind & earth's natural medicines to heal oneself was a journey I was hesitant to embark on. But, with one transformative (& mildly terrifying) experience after another, I found a way to trust the process of shedding layers upon layers of ego. I always understood the ego to be a sense of pride or righteousness that went too far. I had no idea that the ego manifested in a number of sneaky and parasitic ways.

Learning how to tell the difference between my soul's voice and my egos voice has not only changed the way I understand myself but how I approach life and build relationships with others. Coming to the realization that the stream of brain trash in my head did not define who I was sparked a deep desire to help others realize the same. At first, I thought social work would be the right path, but after moving to Ottawa and being surrounded by entrepreneurs, it became clear to me that what I was searching for did not yet exist. In fact, if I was looking to fulfill my life’s purpose, I needed to carve the path myself. (Interesting Fact: This is what Life Has no Porpoise was inspired by).

If you’ve ever hung out with Jill and me, it can either be incredibly entertaining or utterly annoying. When our minds and spirits come together they create a new version of reality that is twisted, amusing and kind of fucked up. We take our deepest, ugliest truths and rise them to the surface where we can use comedy to shine a light on our darkest corners.

By joining forces this is exactly what we aim to do with all of you. Whether it be through the content of our posts or downright disturbing illustrations, we want to give you a little sense of what it feels like to dissolve the layers of who you think you are.