Intentional Meet-Up No.1 - Getting Weird & Vulnerable - 09/30/19


Do you live in Ottawa? Are you interested in being a part of the first ever Octopied Mind intentional meet-up on September 30th 2019? Well, if you’re considering it, here are a few things to know about the event!

What it is

  • An opportunity to meet and interact with your fellow OM cult members. You may have read the names/thoughts of others in the comments of OM’s Instagram feed, but you’ll be able to finally meet some members in the flesh and blood!
  • An intentional space to explore experiences of self-trust and vulnerability. *Meaning, that the event is more than just a meet and greet. It will be a space where we will get down into the nitty gritty feelings of what it means to be vulnerable through conversation and activities.
  • A safe space. Because we will be discussing topics that can be emotionally charged, we will do our best to ensure that everyone feels safe by doing periodic check-ins as well as a check out, optional participation in group conversation/activities (although it is encouraged because we want you to be a part of the full experience!), and providing a warm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • An opportunity for you to get to know yourself. You can go as deep as you want to. The cult will support you in your journey.
  • A social gathering. After the ‘working’ portion of the meet-up, there will be snacks and wine available and an opportunity to mingle casually with other members.
  • A pop-up shop. Along with socializing and consuming tasty treats, you’ll also be able to pick up some OM gear if you fancy - Sick way to try stuff on and avoid shipping costs!

What it isn't

  • A mandatory show and tell of your inner thoughts/feelings. Although we want everyone to have the full experience of connecting and relating over experiences of vulnerability and self-trust, it’s not mandatory that you do so. If you feel more comfortable observing and listening to your fellow cult members, then that’s a-okay with us! We support you in your decision. 
  • A therapy group. Although the impact of having honest, in-depth and emotional conversations may be therapeutic, we understand that there are limits to the kind of support that can be offered if a member gets emotionally triggered. If that does happen, however, we will support you 100% in connecting you with the appropriate mental health professionals.
  • A real cult. Yet.

How to sign up

This is a totally FREE event. You must live in Ottawa or get yourself here! We are only accepting 10 people for the first meet-up, so if you're considering joining us, please sign up asap! Once we reach 10 sign-ups, the link to register will be taken down.

If you want to hang out with us in person, get weird & vulnerable, maybe drink a little wine then click here to register for Octopied Mind's very first intentional cult meet-up.

The meet-up is expected to last 3 or so hours. The self-work portion will be about 1.5 - 2 hours long and the mingle party light & fun vibe portion will go until Sarah puts her PJs on.

Stay tuned for the Location & Time of the event.