Handmade Clay Jewelry

Coming Winter 2021

I fell in love with clay jewelry after my partners bought me a pair for my birthday in August - The yellow and white sun pair I wear almost every single day! I really liked the natural look and feel of them and while searching online for another pair I thought "hey, why not just make em!"

I've been making clay jewelry and other forms of art for four months now and have decided to share a few pieces from this passion project with all of you. As an enneagram number type 3 I have the habit of turning anything I do for fun into a business (haha) which I still haven't fully decided is a good thing or not :)

Needless to say, items I release in this collection will be in line with what our Karmic collection is already about - Organic creativity. Maybe I feel like making 1 pair of snake earrings, maybe I'll make 100. What I can guarantee is that every piece will be made from a place of wholeness.

Stay tuned as I master my craft (perfectionist), tune into the universe and birth whatever style and design is calling to me.