Covid-19 at OM FAQs

Hello cult members,

As we continue to navigate the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to reassure you that the health and wellness of our community, customers, team members, and suppliers is our top priority. The situation is changing rapidly, and we're doing our best to keep you informed while maintaining the safety and health of all involved. Check back here for updates! 

Stay woke, stay safe and stay away from each other <3 

Jill Davis & Sarah Vezina | Octopied Mind


Is Octopied Mind open for business?

Yes! We’re able to ship our existing product from our respective houses as all mail systems are operational in most countries. Delays may occur in international shipments as mail streams are feeling the impact of COVID-19.

How many days a week are you shipping?

We’re shipping once a week to reduce the amount of times we have to go into public settings. Our goal is to keep our team safe, and be able to help you get your ultra soft clothing to your door as safely as possible. 

I haven't received my package yet & it's been over 30 days, where is it?

We always recommend choosing tracked shipping at checkout so that you can keep an eye on your valued products while they make their way to you. If you did not choose tracked shipping your item is not likely lost but significantly delayed. There are cities across Canada and the USA that have been majorly impacted by Covid-19 and this has had a negative effect on postal services (delays up to 60+ days in North America and up to 90 days internationally). We ask that you hang tight and please, please choose tracked shipping at checkout.

Refunds will not be provided for lost or delayed packages.

How are you ensuring team member safety?

We each work from our own homes. If we exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms we put local pick-ups on hold and are tested immediately.

Can I come pick-up my order? 

Most products are eligible for pick-up in Ottawa, ON. Please select our local pick-up option at checkout.

Will you be popping up shop soon?

We're going to try!

How can I contact someone at Octopied Mind?

The best way is by email at

Are you launching new designs?

Currently, we are taking things day by day. We have some new designs in process for as long as our wholesalers and suppliers are able to get product to us. Our monthly launch on the 13th may be delayed or postponed so we ask that you follow us on instagram for the most up to date information.



COVID-19 is ever evolving. Our ability to stay open and ship may change within 48 hours notice.