Immortality T-Shirt
Immortality T-Shirt.
Immortality T-Shirt

Immortality T-Shirt

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  • Model is wearing a size small in the length "standard".
  • 100% ultra soft cotton.
  • Water-based ink.
  • Machine wash cold. No bleach or stain remover.
Long after our temporary vessels have decayed, our immortal souls will slither onto the next part of its journey through infinite consciousness. When we understand just how temporary this reality is and that soon we will be experiencing something otherworldly, we can bring an entirely new existential playfulness to our day. Becoming aware of the structures that are set up to make us feel unfulfilled, provides us with the opportunity to create a strategy. Instead of showing up each day with an 'f-u' mindset, play close attention to the conscious framework that has been designed to teach you.
Our 100% ring-spun cotton gender inclusive shirts are coloured using a unique dying process. This allows for softer shades and finishes giving each shirt unique character. These ultra soft originals naturally have a lived-in look. Made ethically.

Machine wash cold. No bleach or stain remover. Do not spot treat with detergent or stain removers. Lay flat to dry. Iron or steam inside out. Do not dry clean.

For stain treatment, only use a small amount of blue dawn dish soap and rub gently with your finger. Let it soak in the material for an hour and then wash as instructed.

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