If you love something set it free

If you love something set it free

Letting go doesn't mean releasing the thing that is causing distress. In our attempt to release, our grip only gets tighter. This is because the need for control can exist in both cases. When we try to hold onto what is, it is because we are afraid of what our lives will look like without it. When we try to release what is, it is because we are afraid of what it will feel like when it leaves us. Notice when you are attempting to define an outcome and instead, find patience within. When we learn to settle into ourselves rather than forcefully push things away or keep them near, whatever does go away will do so on its own accord and whatever stays will also do so on its own accord.

70% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton.

Sizing Chart

Unisex Shirts & Sweaters

Size Chest
Small 34-37"
Medium 38-41"
Large 42-45"
X-Large 46-49"
2XL 50-53"
3XL 54-57"


Shirt Lengths
 Standard Hemmed
Regular unisex shirt length. We recommend this style for men or for women who want a longer styled shirt. Our semi-cropped shirt length. We consider this to be the perfect women's cut.





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