Free Your Soul
Free Your Soul

Free Your Soul

Find ways to free yourself from the reality you live in every day. Whether it be through meditation, yoga or psychedelics, exploring the depths of your consciousness will open new doors of thinking. If you're looking to learn something that no book can describe then choose a mushroom, a moonlit sky or a waterfall - These are our teachers. Don't let society discourage you from curing the root cause of your dismay. Even animals seek to alter their consciousness by ingesting parts of the natural world.

70% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton

Sizing Chart

Unisex Shirts & Sweaters

Size Chest
Small 34-37"
Medium 38-41"
Large 42-45"
X-Large 46-49"
2XL 50-53"
3XL 54-57"


Shirt Lengths
 Standard Hemmed
Regular unisex shirt length. We recommend this style for men or for women who want a longer styled shirt. Our semi-cropped shirt length. We consider this to be the perfect women's cut.