Viva La Vulva T-Shirt
Viva La Vulva T-Shirt

Viva La Vulva T-Shirt

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  • Hand Drawn Graphic | Screen Printed Locally | Made Ethically
    • Model is wearing a size small in the length "standard" (tucked in).
    • 100% ultra soft cotton.
    • Water-based ink.
    • Machine wash cold. No bleach or stain remover.
    • Lay flat to dry.

Gender Inclusive Casual Fit.

Hemmed length shirts are avaialble for selected items only and are shorter than standard length shirts.

For other items, semi-crop options are a similar length to hemmed shirts but have a raw-edge bottom.

Standard length shirts are standard "unisex" length with a finished bottom.

Original art hand-drawn by co-owner, Jill Davis.

Screen printed in our partner studio located in Ottawa, ON.

Screen-print machinery requires manual adjustments and close supervision. This means print appearance may have slight variation from one product to the next.

I didn’t always love my body, in fact there are days when I still don’t. Sometimes I catch myself looking in the mirror, sucking in, pushing my ass out, stretching my hands up towards the sky and bending back down - All to examine what angles I still look too “fat” in.

I can’t remember exactly how this behaviour started - It was a slow build. Comments from others, sometimes even family members not just bullies at school, about my body created a mountain of judgements that were too high for me to climb. So 13 year old me created a plan - I would lose as much weight as fast as I possibly could.

I started with exercise, but it wasn’t enough. So I graduated to wearing plastic garbage bags under my clothes and going for a run to maximize the amount I could sweat. But it still wasn’t enough, so I pushed harder.

I limited the things I ate, the times I ate at and some days not eating at all. At this point, my body started to slim down, very quickly. The thinner I became, the more positive comments people had about my body. I could feel peoples new opinions taking over the mountain of insecurity I once had.

But, there was a teetering point. I started to loose too much weight and my stomach pains were no longer bearable. Pills, antibiotics and tests quickly lead down a path of surgery where they removed my gall bladder. While the issues may have been separate (I’m not sure), I can’t help but think they were related.

Recovery looks different for everyone. I have spells of eating too much and spells of not eating enough, but the gaps between them are getting smaller. I exercise with a healthier mindset and when I am not, I am sure to let someone know. Sometimes, healing requires a village.

While meal-times, workout sessions and getting un-dressed can still present an inner battle of not enough-ness, with time and practices of vulnerability, honesty and self-love inner transformation is truly possible. If this is something you struggle with, know that it takes time. Absorb the love others offer you, and soak in times of self-compassion - Eventually, these words will lose their power over you.

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octopied mind

made with purpose

At Octopied Mind we want you to feel confident in what you wear and how it's made. As we grow into the brand we aspire to be, we ask for your patience and feedback along this journey. If you identify ways in which we can improve, please let us know!

radical transparency
meet jill & sarah
founders of om

Jill Davis (right) and Sarah Vezina (left) are two best friends from small town Dalhousie, New Brunswick. They grew up in the same neighbourhood, took the same bus, had the same babysitter and even rode on the same bike (because Sarah couldn't afford her own). Their inseparability and toxic dependency lasted through adulthood where they quit their corporate jobs to work with each other instead. Given that no one can tell them apart, it's clear that Octopied Mind has been founded on the melting and merging of their brain power, creativity and essence - All of which are used to produce the strange and vulnerable graphic art you see today.

raw edge cropping
custom lengths

A raw-edge crop method is done with a rotary tool. This tool makes a clean cut and allows the fabric to roll up slightly over time. We do not fold over the material and sew it once it has been cut to prevent rolling unless otherwise stated. We also do not recommend you cut your own shirts at home (especially with scissors) unless we've given you proper guidance on how to do so.