You may have noticed but...

You may have noticed but...

Go To Post     You may have noticed but our prices have gone up! Over three years ago when I was a basement dweller screen printing designs on thrifted tees, I was selling the shirts for $10 - $15 a piece. And when I found any type of imperfection on the tee (which happens 99% of the time with thrifted clothing) I sold them for $5. About a year later I teamed up with Sarah who then requested that the prices be increased to 3x that amount. I refused / bargained for a reduced price because at the time I associated my self worth with the product that I produced, and I didn’t think it (I) was good enough. Many people may not know but I’ve been at this for over 3 years now and I’VE YET TO PAY MYSELF. I can’t even call Octopied Mind a business because up until this point, it’s been a hobby. A hobby that consumes all my thoughts, and many hours each day (sorry Josh). As womxn we’ve been conditioned to undervalue our time and our efforts and I’ve been a victim of that mentality for too long. Time for things to change. So moving forward, we’re using basic math to price our clothing in order to achieve sustainable profit margins. The more it costs to produce an item, the more it’ll cost to buy the item. All tshirts will no longer be priced the same, because depending on the type of shirt, # of print locations, # of colors etc. etc. each product costs a different amount to produce. It’s about time that we can afford to put this lil hunnie dip on payroll so she can finally start calling Octopied Mind a real business - wouldn’t you agree?!


  • Janna

    Holy fuck, your art and products are literally so stunning and speak to my spirit!
    And reading all this now just makes me feel so much respect and appreciation for you speaking your truth and knowing your worth! Real inspired, you rock.

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