🌿✖️Ganja Goddess Partner✖️🌿
“My name is...

🌿✖️Ganja Goddess Partner✖️🌿 ⠀ “My name is...

Go To Post     🌿✖️Ganja Goddess Partner✖️🌿 ⠀ “My name is Calan and I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a Designer, Strategist, Black Woman, Empath, and Self-Educator. After finding Cannabis as my medicine, I started designing educational materials to teach and help others Self-Educate. Then I realized only teaching Cannabis as a tool to wellness isn’t enough—there’s nutrition, spiritual awareness, sound therapy, everything! So here we are now, building classes about it all for you to fuel your passions with curiosity. We’ll give you just the basics and connect you to other Truth seekers like me that really know their modality. I’m excited to continue growing with you.”⠀ ⠀ Learn more about Calan & her work at @greenthumbedu 🌿🖤


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