🌿✖️Ganja Goddess Partner✖️🌿⠀
“If you know...

🌿✖️Ganja Goddess Partner✖️🌿⠀ ⠀ “If you know...

Go To Post     🌿✖️Ganja Goddess Partner✖️🌿⠀ ⠀ “If you know me, or have seen my YouTube videos, you know how much cannabis means to me. Weed found me at such an unusual time in my life. Struggling with depression, anxiety, anorexia and just the troubles and tribulations of growing up. Cannabis allowed me to relax and be myself for what felt like the first time. As I learned more and more about this amazing plant I knew that it would be something great in my life. Plus learning the ways I am able to use cannabis in my witchcraft! Amazing!! Not only has it relieved so much body pain (thank the stars for CBD). Cannabis has also given me such a beautiful outlook on life. To be my true self, love myself, withhold judgment, and love all others 💜 That’s what being a Ganja Goddess is to me” ⠀ ⠀ Learn more about this eclectic witch, tarot reader and cannabis content creator at @auraoftheforest & Catskush on @theweedtube 🌿🖤


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